Found Treasure vol 2: Hermes 3000

Walking home from work last week, a subtle blur of mint snuck in my peripheral.  I nearly ignored it and kept my pace, but doubled back to ease my curiosity.  I bent down in the the gutter to examine a dusty matte colored block of metal sporting a worn vinyl handle.  I knew straight away by the color and simple finish that it was late 50's early 60's office equipment.  I struggled to get the key in and open the latch, once I peeked inside I knew this treasure was mine and I had to get it home ASAP in case it's previous owner had a change of heart.

A few minutes on the great Google immediately got me up to speed on all things Hermes.  She was made in Switzerland in 1958, the first portable machine to have lightning margins.  My searching soon found other 3000's going at auction for $400-$500.  Christies just sold Kerouacs 3000 for $22,500, it was his last typewriter, used from 1966 until his death in 1969.  I "find" lots of treasure in thrift shops, garage sales, estate sales and on Craigslist, but this may trump them all, and an actual, honest find.